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Feels very hard when examined in the context of art. but the message that i want to say is a "transparency in responding of my artworks" in each of my artworks, i always try to dig the depth of mind, and focus with the lines and color, regardless the worldly in an effort to catch the shadow of inspiration. There, i can release the fatigue, there i can fantasize to nirvana imagination...and there i can relax with the medium and bring the creative credo that make me still exist. Therefore, any appreciation (curation, message, criticism, and praise) from all sections of the people community, i'll take it for goodness. in fact, i do not want to understand the end of my arts process, because the most important is "how i can make artworks today and can do something"

  • title    spirit of green
  • status  sold
  • media oil on canvas
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